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"Preparing for the Future"
Radio Interviews:
Includes over 1 hour of audio discussion with author LeArta Moulton and Master Herbalist, Sandy Ellis on the use, identification, preparation and storage of plants and herbs.
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Take advantage of LeArta's 30 years of extensive research on using whole foods, herbs, home remedies and survival techniques.

Includes OVER 400 FULL COLOR images
and plant identification information from the...

Nature's Medicine Chest 4x6 plant ID cards.

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These publications are intended as a reference guide to help you to make informed decisions about your health and not as a substitute for any treatment that may have been prescribed by your physician. Some of the statements on the CD-ROM, concerning plant properties, have not been evaluated by the FDA. A qualified health care professional should always be consulted in the event of any health problem. Some herbs are specifically not recommended for use by pregnant women or people with certain illness. A professional herbalist should be consulted prior to using herbs for the treatment of injury or disease.

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Nature's Medicine ChestPlant ID Card Series
Card Series include:
4x6 cards with over 200 living color photos and close-up's of master herbs which have proven successful over the ages. Learn the difference between look-alike. Medicinal, edible and poisonous plants.
Photos on one side; description, sketch and use on opposite side.

PLUS - 27 additional cards with a botanical and medical action glossary; guidelines for planting, gathering, harvesting and preparing herbs for use. Outdoor Survival tips, Fire Pit Cooking, Shelters, First-Aid and more...
ONLY $24.95

Nature's Medicine Chest on CD-Rom - $12.95

Plant ID Card Games - "Fun for the whole Family"

Each deck of 54 cards show full color reprints of mushrooms, wild, edible, medicinal and poisonous plants, with description and use information. Common plants found around the world or in your own back yard. Become self-reliant and learn to survive with Mother Nature?s plants.

The " DO OR DIE™" deck consists of 54 classic playing cards to enjoy your favorite games like Hearts, Blackjack, Eucre, Solitaire and more!

The " WILD AND FREE™"deck contains 4 games (similar to Rook, Old Maid, Golf, Fish). Great for home schooling, concentration skills, public schools, libraries, for camping, scouting, and field trips. A gift that lasts, A gift of learning.
$9.95 each

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Nature's Medicine Chest & LM Publications
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