Health & Wellness Tips - Learn to Take Charge of Your Own Health

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>> Loose Weight without loosing your Health
> Cure Disease the Natural and Safe Way

How Much is Good Health
Worth to You?
The wellness tips given in this CD are basic and
brief, but hopefully enough to make you aware, and excited to learn more in keeping healthy, preventing illnesses
and healing without side effects.

1. Stop putting poisons into your body
2. Eat as much raw food as possible
3. Use supplements to help the body build and heal
4. Exercise
5. Most health problems will take 3 months of a full health
program for the cells to change, then you will still need a
healthy maintenance way of keeping healthy, as you will find in this section.
6. Make peace with nature
7. Live closer to God
8. Take responsibility for yourself and your health

Perhaps the most alarming result of the over-dependence on drugs is the fact that we have stopped
taking responsibility for our own health. When we have a headache, we take a painkiller; if we have
a cold, we might take an antihistamine, when in actuality, a cold is the cure, by ridding the body of
toxins, mucous etc. We suppress the symptoms of health conditions because we want to feel better immediately. We don’t accept the logic that pain or discomfort is a message from our body that something is wrong. We have become used to the idea that someone or something else can deal
with our health problems. By taking a pill or conventional medicine in some form, we do experience
a relief from symptoms, but remember the cause of the pain or illness remains. By treating the
symptoms, or suppressing them, we are doing nothing to treat the cause.

Adverse drug reactions and side-effects are one of the 10 most common reasons for hospitalization in the U.S. and a 1997 survey indicates that avoidable deaths from unnecessary surgery total nearly 100,000 per year. Overuse of antibiotics can produce a resistance to other medications. You do not want this in turbulent times! The best prevention is to build your immune system.

The speed of healing is going to depend on the present condition of your body. If you have been taking antibiotics, if your diet consists of acid forming foods (fast foods, sugar, milk, red meat, soda pop etc.) and you are under a lot of stress, it will take a longer. You will need to be more aggressive, and not give up, in getting your system back to a healthy state. In most cases, just giving up these unnatural, chemicalized foods, which deplete your immune system, will help your body to heal itself. Check out our web page for books, videos, and recipes to help you find quick, easy ways to prepare great tasting, natural, God given foods. You can help your body rebuild and heal itself.

Learn to find health with wholesome foods and natural remedies in caring for yourself and your family. Some illnesses need time and effort and may not be as easy as taking a shot or pill. You will find that as you get rid of the cause of the illness, rather than mask the symptoms, it does not keep coming back. Start now to gain the knowledge needed to prevent illness and heal the body. By ensuring the health of our children we will be promoting the well being of future generations

Many of the herbal combinations mentioned, that are found in capsules, tinctures and ointments are available in Health stores or Herb shops. Check out the book references included and the links given for your convenience.

Most symptoms and ailments eventually go away by themselves if the body is given half a chance to heal itself. Good nutritious food, herbs, rest and exercise are the key ingredients
of a successful health program

If an illness has progressed to a serious condition obtain services of qualified, professional help.

These publications are intended as a reference guide to help you to make informed decisions about your health and not as a substitute for any treatment that may have been prescribed by your physician.

Some of the statements on the CD-ROM, concerning plant properties, have not been evaluated by the FDA. A qualified health care professional should always be consulted in the event of any health problem. Some herbs are specifically not recommended for use by pregnant women or people with certain illness. A professional herbalist should be consulted prior to using herbs for the treatment of injury or disease.

"Study sickness while you are well"



Allergies, Asthma, Hay fever

Athlete’s foot
Bruising, sprains
Colds, Flu, Strep Throat
Eye Irritations
Food Poisoning
Menstrual cramps
Sinus problems
Skin Irritations, cold sores, cankers
Stress, nervousness

for further helps and information



"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

  • Constipation- Most illnesses result from this common cause.
  • Wholesome foods and herbs can keep you regular and toxic free.
  • Disease cannot exist in an alkaline body. Eliminate acid foods that
    destroy your immune system. 80% of the food you eat should be
    alkaline pH, and raw as much as possible. Avoid yeasts, molds, sugar,
    red meat, milk, soda pop, unnatural and phony foods. Learn to read labels.
    Adopt a diet of vegetables, especially the green variety, either sprouted,
    juiced, raw or slightly steamed.
  • Real food - cook with whole grains, beans, vegetables, seeds, fruits and
    nuts (Raw nuts soaked for 3 hours or up to 8 hours for almonds and the more
    hearty type nut, brings back the enzymes for easy digestion)

    Let LeArta Moulton show you how to make REAL FOOD, FAST, with easy
    modern ways of preparing life-giving foods. See clips from her step by step
    instructions on The Quick Wholesome Foods video on this CD or check out
    her web page ( for her many recipe books and videos that
    will help you make a healthy transition to wholesome foods.
    You will find as you get away from foods that are not beneficial and too m
    sweets, you will no longer crave them. You will feel satisfied and start
    enjoying natural foods. This is not easy, but can be done if you put
    your mind to it. "One learns by doing"
  • Exercise, get adequate sleep, and avoid substances or practices that would harm your body, mind or spirit.

Wash your foods, even banana peels with a food soap, available in most
groceries stores. Shaklee’s Basic H is an excellent biodegradable cleansing
agent, especially for foods.
Keep homes and surroundings clean and sanitary, remind children to wash
their hands before eating.

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and prepare to have:

  • God's help to direct and help you.
  • Peace of mind as you prepare for the future and serve others
  • A feeling of well being and positive energy
  • The ability to combat disease with proven natural helps

"Nourish the entire being - The Body, the Mind and the Spirit".

The Following Examples of Past Feelings that May Effect Your Health
are taken from "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay
and "Feelings Buried Alive Never Die" by K. Truman

They emphasizes the importance of overcoming resentment, guilt, to forgive and to love
ourselves, for better health by replacing negative feelings with positive feelings, i.e., rather
than feeling abandoned tell yourself that you feel cherished, and precious.

Allergies - fear of sharing feelings with people, denying own power.
(Tell yourself, over and over - the world is safe and friendly. I am
safe. I am at peace with life.)

- critical of self or others, a need to be right (I am love, I now choose to
love and approve of myself. I see others with love)

Bed wetting
- feelings of fear toward parent, usually the father (the child should
be seen with love, with compassion and with understanding)

Bladder problems
- anxiety, inharmonious male and female emotional
relationships, over concerned with money, job, health, unable to release things
or ideas no longer needed, lack of order or obsessed with order (I can easily
release the old and welcome the new in my life. I am safe)

Blood disorders
- Lack of joy, of circulation of ideas, feeling powerless in some
area of life, of deep anger, of long-standing ill will, intense depression
(I joyously release the past. I am at peace)

- self criticism, fear (I love and approve of myself. I see
myself And what I do with eyes of love. I am safe)

- irritation, anger, annoyance (I choose to be harmonious, to be peaceful)

- feeling unloved, unworthy, anger from not being appreciated
(I see myself in others and love what I see. I rejoice in being alive)

Skin disease
- unresolved feelings of irritation, or criticism, disturbed reactions
over trivial things, lack of security, feelings of impatience, bored, unsettled
(I lovingly protect myself with thoughts of joy and peace. The past is forgive and
forgotten. I am free in this moment)

Yeast infections
- deep and unresolved resentments, lack of self love, inability to
claim ones own power, unable to love and support the self, unable to accept the self,
not recognizing own needs (find forgiveness, unconditional, love, peace, love of self)

A positive attitude about your body's ability to heal itself, can
actually mobilize immune system forces.

Be cheerful, accept and understand others "That day is lost on which one
has not laughed", "A happy heart is better than a full purse"


Emotions, depression, trauma, anger, stress can cause health problems.
When you live a life of charity and serve with sacrifice, you will find
peace, calmness and the ability to cope.
"He who serves is preserved".

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"God is the restorer of health and the physician puts the fee in his pocket"

Show gratitude to God, have faith, hope and know that He is with you always,
helping you to get through any pain and sorrow, and even performing miracles
in your behalf if it is in His plan for you. Do things that would keep your bodies
and minds healthy, abstain from addictive substances and drugs. He created
your body. Strengthen and take care of what He has given you....
(1 Corinthians 3:16,17 - “If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God
destroy, for the temple of God is holy (sacred), which temple ye are.)”

  • Keep active mentally and physically
  • Maintain a positive state of mind
  • Pray and be thankful for everything
  • Be grateful for who you are and where you are
  • Love your neighbor as yourself
  • Serve others
  • Have faith in God!
  • Rest on the seventh day
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Man has survived for as many as ninety days without food, but man can live very
minutes without oxygen and only a few days without water. One of the most
important functions of water is to flush the toxins and salt from the body. When
the right kind of water is taken (distilled, pure stream water or filtered), it can improve
your mind and brain power. Chronic and persistently increasing dehydration is the
root cause of almost all currently encountered major diseases of the human body.

Drink at least 6-8 glasses of pure mineral or steam-distilled water a day.
Drink a glass of water one half hour before eating and exercising.

Water is offered as a natural solution to varying symptoms, signals,complications
and diseases. It is one of your best natural protections against all kinds of virus
infections, such a flu, pneumonia, whooping cough, measles and other infectious

Distilled water is the purest and leaves no residue in the body. A perfect liquid for
the blood, lungs, stomach, liver and other vital organs. It does not leach out calcium,
iron and other organic minerals from the body,according to Paul Bragg N.D.,PHT.

The ideal consumption for a Woman is 3 quarts a day and 1 gallon for a man.
The minimum amount is 8 to 10 glasses a day for an adult. The more water you
drink , the more your body craves it.

Distilled water during illness flushes the minerals and inorganic salts,
(which cause sickness) out of the body. Juices and other liquids are not as

Note: There are several ways to purify water. The product "07", a stabilized oxygen,
is good. If you suspect the water is contaminated, use 5-20 drops per glass, depending
on how contaminated the water is. Let it sit for at least 1 1/2 minutes.
For water storage use 20 drops per gallon. To treat normal water, for drinking, add
10 drops per gallon. See also Food Storage

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1. Keep a positive attitude.
2. Move towards a plant-based diet
3. Watch those portions!
4. Increase your physical activity
5. Make your health a priority
6. Plan to be the weight you want to be
and believe in your ability to reach this goal.

The Gallop Poll for 2001 indicated that 1in every four Americans are seriously overweight.
Another survey found that only 1 in 250 people who loose weight on a diet, actually kept it
off for the long term. Not only is this discouraging but also expensive. Americans spent more
than 3 billions dollars on weight loss products and services...and most of it did not work

Develop a Positive Attitude
Self esteem should not be attached to the size of your clothes or the number on the scales.
Come to terms with the way you are, the great person that you are, and to accept the way
God created you. Maybe your hips are a size larger than your body. Do the best you can each
and every day, with the circumstances you find yourself in, and get on with life, knowing that
God loves you, and will help you. Pray as to how to go about loosing excess weight for a life
time. Society seems to tell us what we should look like in TV and magazines. We need to |
ignore this and recognize the worth of our soul.

Don't let your self worth be linked to a look. Unless you have a positive attitude about yourself
and willing to make a life style change, this is still a diet and the following suggestions will not
work. Loose a pound or two and just keep going, even if you slip up occasionally. Don't stop
with this new plan. Think success, eat right and exercise, believe it is possible, and you can
do it! Don't get discouraged. As you start to loose weight, you will find you start to love yourself
more, become more confident, and develop a desire to control your appetite.

The Healthy Exchange
Develop a life style change to foods that you can enjoy, that are healthy, tasty and will keep the
weight off. Transfer you favorite recipes into healthy meals. The foods you serve must meet the
needs of your family, they must be healthy, but must also be tasty! LeArta has spent the last
30 years developing healthy, delicious tasting meals, with the latest popular tastes of fast foods,
into healthy replacements.

You will find many of her newest creations in this CD, and hundreds of other techniques and
recipes in her how-to, step by step videos and cook books. These recipes are geared for a busy
lifestyle with ultra quick, easy recipes. The ingredients are basic and inexpensive and can be
found most anywhere in the country. She has done the work for you, so all you need to do is
follow these delicious recipes for soups, meat replacements, main meals, salads, snacks and
desserts that will help you to loose weight and keep it off and recapture your health.

Loose weight gradually, let your mind catch up with your body, so you can think thin. Keep away
from crash diets, it only puts on more weight in the long run. Change not only the type of food you
eat but the way you eat. Rather than eating on the run, and grabbing whatever food is available.
Eat on a schedule and certain times. Put your fork down between bites. Leave a teaspoon of
food on the plate and get used to not eating more. Use smaller plates, so it looks like there is
more food. Have just a piece of healthy dessert, not the whole pie. When possible, change eating
by your self, eating over the sink or in front of the cupboard. Incorporate activities that will burn off
fat. Reward yourself and your family, with something other than food. Plan to sit at the table with
your family for an unrushed dinner at least once a day. Research has shown that families who eat
1 meal together per day, with the TV off, are healthier, less likely to be overweight, less likely to
be sexually involved and less likely to use drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. It is worth the effort!

Start with a moderate exercise, something you are willing to do or like to do, otherwise you will
likely not stick with it. You could walk, ride a bike, water aerobics (jumping up and down in the
water 10-15 minutes). Exercise in the water. Joints that can't bear the weight on pavement will
not have a problem in the water. Get a routine. Begin the day with exercise, or do a little at a
time throughout the day. You are usually too tired at night to exercise.

Emotional Eating
This is when you eat for any other reason except that you are hungry. It can be from stress,
depression, nervousness, low self esteem, fears, habit, boredom etc. This puts on extra weight
and depending on the food, can cause illness. Catch yourself as you eat out of control and
substitute it with something else you like to do. Stop eating late, or before just going to bed.
This can really put on the fat and cause sleepless nights. Keep a food diary of everything you
eat, the time, place, where you are, who you're with, and how you feel. This gives you an idea
of what your eating habits are, and where to
start controlling them.

Choose daily that you will eat right and do positive things for your life. Think of yourself as a
success and that you can do it. Realize that you couldn't do these things as a fat person but
as a thin person now you can do it and break out of that oppressive shell that may have kept
you so ineffective as a person before.

As you continue to practice the right thinking, right behaviors, and eating the right foods that
have allowed you to get thin, you will never be fat again!

Helping Children Who are Overweight
A North Carolina survey showed that over 30% of children in America are overweight or obese,
and 13% of young girls suffer from anorexia or bulimia. There are reasons for this escalating
increase each year. Kids are either starving to look like popular stars or bingeing because they
think they will never look like a certain person anyway, and just give up. More children are
watching TV and playing video games, which means they do not get the needed exercise.
More junk food is readily accessible nowadays, which are high in calories and fat, Many come
home, after school with no parents to tell them to wait for supper or offer them an apple if they
are really hungry. If your child says, he doesn't care about the program and wants the cake
anyway, tell him he can have the cake if he is willing to do whatever the amount of activity it
takes to burn that off.

Food is used to replace affection and love, to cope with rejection, or to feel better. It is a
difficult thing to be an overweight child. They feel rejected, depressed, angry, frustrated, and
are often unrealistic about their weight. They are not usually good in sports, and suffer from
feelings of inferiority. Our culture in America tends to view those who are overweight, as not
being as adequate, that they are lazy and less intelligent, and even discriminated against in
job placement etc. A positive aspect is that they usually compensate in many other ways by
studying more, becoming very intelligent, developing talents, sympathetic to others etc.

Support of Parents
Parents can be very frustrated in knowing how to help their overweight child. Be supportive,
let them know you care. Show your love for them with affection, hugs, and empathy; not
criticizing on how they look or their ability to get a handle on their weight. Be willing to help
them set and reach their goals in following a weight loss program. You may want to include
a doctor, or a coach. Provide healthy replacements in the food they eat. Offer rewards such
as a new wardrobe in smaller sizes, or something they would want, if they were thinner. Help
them to believe it is possible. Let your child know that he/she is a very special person. That
God loves him no matter how they look, that He wants them to be happy and confident, and
that He will help, as you pray for guidance. You may want to reach out to other parents, or
seek a group support situation where you can learn from, and help each other.

Parents first need to be examples. If the whole family needs to loose weight, the whole family
needs to go on a weight program, and change the way they are eating. If, as a family, you are
used to eating ice cream at night, replace it with fruit, if you are eating a lot of white flour
products replace this with whole wheat items and only one piece instead of several. This is
not easy but you will find as you leave out the junk foods, and use nutritious, wholesome foods,
cravings for sweets, soda pop etc. are minimized greatly. It takes time, but it really works!
Plan to change now, and become the person you really are. Enjoy more energy, more health
and a trim body.
Note: see information under arthritis on apple cider vinegar for a weight loss suggestion.

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"After dinner set a while, after supper walk a mile."

Exercise is important throughout life. The growing bodies of young boys and
girls need exercise in order to develop properly. In the adult years,
exercise helps keep the body in good physical condition. It aids health by
improving such body functions as blood circulation, breathing, digestion,
and metabolism - the processes by which the body transforms food into energy
and tissue. By aiding physical health, exercise also improves mental health.
The effects of exercise are often noticeable. Persons who obtain the proper
amounts and kinds of exercise usually develop firm muscles, and have good
posture and skin color. Exercise also improves the sense of balance and the
general strength, power and endurance of the body.

Exercise therapies such as yoga and shiatsu are becoming more popular as a
way of combating the stress of Western lifestyles.

Choose an exercise that suits you and be consistent. It is most essential
that you do some type of exercise, at least three times a week for one half hour.

Following is an excellent exercise to add to your regular program.
This procedure exercises over 60 internal organs of your body. Try it for a
month and see the difference!

ONCE A DAY, 10 times or more for each listed exercise:

  1. HEAD ROLL - in a square motion (go easy) reverse.
  2. SHOULDER - circular motion, then reverse. One shoulder at a time.
  3. ELBOWS - circular, reverse. One elbow at a time.
  4. ARMS - move in windmill motion ( like swimming). Reverse, then do the other arm.
  5. CHEST - place hands on rib cage. Lift one shoulder, then the other, in circular motion, reverse.
  6. HIPS - place hand on waist, move hips in circular motion, reverse.
  7. WRISTS - rotate each wrist, one at a time.
  8. BODY - reach down with cupped hands, to floor, bring up in front of body and
    reach from top to head and outward to heaven (thinking, "I'm gathering the
    goodness of the earth and sending it out to everyone")
  9. KNEES - bend knees, (squatting position) and do the same as #8.

Another effective way to stimulate the movement of the lymphatic
system is to spend 10 minutes, three times a day on a mini trampoline, or
15 minutes, twice a day.

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Your body has its own blueprint and can heal itself. You just need to
help it by eating nutritious whole foods, cleansing, exercise and drinking
plenty of pure water.

When our bodies are clean and healthy, it is easier to eliminate toxins. But
when our bodies become overloaded with toxins, they become sluggish and more
susceptible to disease because the immune system no longer has the
capability of fighting off invading diseases, nor can it absorb nutrients,
vitamins or health supplements, when congested.

Cleansing and fasting programs are essential to the health and well being of
the body. It boosts the immune system, and helps clean and purify the body
of excess mucus and toxins. The body has the ability to rid itself of toxins
through four different areas, the respiratory and digestive systems,
eliminative organs and the skin. When one of these areas is not functioning
or clogged up, it goes to the next. For instance, a respiratory problem can
actually be a colon problem. When all areas are not able to perform their
function to get rid of the wastes and toxins, health problems become
gradually worse. So when our bodies manifests discomfort, headaches,
indigestion, gas, fatigue, aches and pains and death threatening diseases,
rather than trying to cover up the symptoms or cure them with more
chemicals, seek the cause of the systems imbalance, and cleanse so your body
can heal itself.

Consult your health care provider before beginning any cleanse, diet or
detoxification program. Do not be too extreme in your cleanse process. Your
body responds better with gradual changes rather than sudden abrupt changes.
The body is ridding itself of a lot of toxins that have most likely been
accumulating for many years. Moderation and persistence are the key to
successful cleansing.

Choose a cleanse that best suits your life style. Check with a wellness
person at a health store or clinic, or research different methods from
reliable books. You may want to attend seminars on mental, emotional, and
spiritual levels of cleansing and healing.

A cleansing diet may produce unpleasant side effects. Your body may crave
junk foods, sweets and other food you are familiar with. It can produce
headaches, fatigue, nausea, depression, gas, bloating and other symptoms. If
you prepare yourself mentally, you can cope. If you don’t you may want to
give it up and think it is making you sick. When the body is cleansing it
dumps toxins into the bloodstream and produces these feelings until all the
toxins are eliminated. Don’t give up, it will be worth it to feel better
than you have ever felt before!

There are 3 day juice fasts where no food is eaten and a particular juice
with colon cleansers are used. A three month cleanse and long term cleanse can
be obtained by eating cleansing and alkaline foods.

A COLON CLEANSE - Take an herbal laxative, with either cascara sagrada or
senna leaf as the active ingredient. One tablet at bedtime for 1- 2 weeks
only. Also, herbal fiber products that contain psyllium seed and husk as colonic
bulking agents are helpful in cleansing the intestinal walls. Psyllium
supplements are mixed in water or juice and taken 2 times daily, a.m. and
p.m., for 1-2 weeks.

HERBAL COMBINATION: for lower bowel and colon - cascara sagrada bark,
barberry bark, cayenne pepper, ginger root, lobelia herb, red raspberry
, turkey rhubarb root, fennel seed, golden seal root
(start with 2 capsules 3 times a day)

A Once a Month Cleansing
This can give your digestive organs a well-deserved rest:

  • First thing upon awakening, drink a cup of hot water and lemon juice
    to clear congested lymph nodes.
  • Throughout the day, drink freshly squeezed vegetable juices made from
    carrots,celery, parsley and spinach to detoxify your system.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • For lunch, eat only raw fruits and vegetables. Their living enzymes give your
    colon a thorough brushing and help get rid of toxins.
  • Fast after 5 p.m., drinking only an herbal tea such as chamomile.
  • Go to bed earlier than usual, ensuring that your body gets at least eight
    hours rest.

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"Let food be thy medicine"

Disease cannot live in an alkaline system. Omit acid foods that cause illness.

ACID PRODUCING FOODS to stay away from:
(especially during cleansing )


Drinks (alcohol, beer, wine, coffee, sugar sweetened fruit juice, black tea,
Water which is carbonated or not filtered
Milk (and Dairy products)
Fruits (glazed or sulfured)
Processed grains (wheat products, corn and cornstarch, cereals, cakes and
pastries, bread and crackers, dried beans, pasta,popcorn,
Meats (those contaminated with chemicals, hormones etc.) Eat good meat sparingly.
Oils that are hydrogenated (flax seed or extra virgin cold presses olive oil are the best)
Pepper (black)
Processed Foods (canned or, micro waved)
Salt (iodized)
Sweeteners (white sugar, artificial sweeteners, fructose which is a
concentrated corn syrup, refined beet and cane sugar, saccharin, aspartame)
Vinegar (distilled)


ALKALINE FOODS that balance your pH level

Apple cider vinegar
Beans, fresh
Dried fruit, non-sulfured (dates, figs, raisins, etc.)
Fruit juice, fresh squeezed
Green foods (algae, spirulina, chlorella, barley grass, kale, spinach, romain lettuce, etc.)
Herbs (fresh or dried), Herbal teas
Maple syrup, pure and grade B or C
Millet (grain)
Nuts, especially almonds (enzymes become present when soaked in water 3 hours,
which helps the system to digest and assimilate better. Drain and refrigerate)
Oil (flax seed, grape seed oil, or cold pressed extra virgin olive oil)
Potatoes and yams (in moderation)
Vegetables, fresh (raw or steamed slightly)
Vegetable juice, fresh squeezed
Vegetable soup or broth
Seeds (flax, pumpkin, squash, sunflower soaked in water)
Seasonings (natural, salt-free, chemical-free- see the Amazing Wheat Book for 130 blends)
Sea vegetables (dulse, kelp, seaweed, etc.)
Sprouts (all types)
Stevia (natural herbal sweetener)
Water (purified, non-carbonated, mineral, or distilled)
Wheat grass juice
Whey (goat only, not cow)


A basic rule to follow in acquiring an alkaline diet:
80% of the food you eat should be raw, or steamed slightly, using as many dark green
vegetables as you can; sprouts are excellent; Nuts are good, soak them to bring back the
enzymes (3 hours or less, depending on the type of nut); use a variety of vegetables.
You may need some basic recipes to get started and then you can create your own blends
for soups, salads etc. (see recipe section in this CD)

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and their harmful effects

More and more we are finding that the foods we are eating are at the root of
many serious health problems. For the past 45 years an array of unnatural and
synthetic foods have been put into the foods we buy. Learn to read labels
and be aware of the effects of chemicals found in common commercial foods.

The following information is taken from the Food Bible - by Benkendorf.
See our web page for availability and for further information in the book on
other chemicals in foods and their damaging affects on the system, also
detailed lists of name brand foods that do and do not no contain these

ALGINATES (ammonium, calcium, potassium and sodium; propylene glycol
alginate; algin derivatives). Used to stabilize and promote a creamy
texture. Found in ice cream, salad dressings, cheese spreads, frozen
dinners, ramen soups and others. FDA is performing tests for childbirth and
reproductive problems.

ALUMINUM is added to many foods, in beer, soda pop cans, packaging for many
products. It tends to accumulate in our bodies over the years and found to
destroy brain cells. Strongly suspected as a cause of Alzheimers

ARTIFICIAL COLORS (made of coal tar based dyes).Used to improve the
appearance of inferior products to look wholesome and fresh, to use in place
of natural colors which turn pale or brown with time, to attract children to
the bright colors. Used in drink mixes, puddings, cereals, candy, gelatin
desserts, ice cream etc. Concern that they cause malignancy, toxicity,
allergic reactions, hyperactivity in children and much more.

ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS ( over 1,500 including benzaldehyde and methyl
salicylatres). Used to add flavor food when natural flavor are removed
through processing. Not life threatening but have been associated with
depression and reduced sexual urges and reproductive problems. A definite
link to hyperactivity in children.

BHA & BHT (butylated hydroxyanisole and hydroxytoluene) Used to keep foods
from changing color and fats from becoming rancid. Included in cereals,
baked goods, drink mixes, instant potato flakes, boxed dinners, chewing gum
and others. Both can cause allergic reactions, affect the nervous system and
precipitates behavioral problems in children.

BROMATE (calcium and potassium bromate). Dough conditioners that can affect
the function of the kidneys as well as the nervous system. Can be very toxic
if dosage becomes too high. Found in bread, baked goods, packaged bread
crumbs, refrigerated biscuits and others

COTTONSEED OIL (arsenic is used to defoliate the cotton) The risk of
possible dangerous chemical residues is too great to recommend any foods in
which the oil is used. Found in crackers, soups, salad dressings, cookies,
baking mixes, potato chips etc.

EDTA (ethylenediamine tetra-acetic acid). It binds with the metal particles
in foods, brought about by food processing and removes them from the body.
It also removes other metals vital to our health, like iron, zinc etc.
Because of this it is very important for pregnant and nursing women to avoid
foods with EDTA. It can also cause toxicity and kidney damage. Contained in
margarine, salad dressings, canned legumes, boxed dinners, frozen dinners
and others.

MSG (monosodium glutamate) A flavor enhancer which will greatly increase the
flavors of certain highly processed foods. For possible cancer-causing,
reproduction and fertility, and possible brain-altering effects. Found in
Chinese food,seasoned salts, soups , bouillon, frozen dinners, salad
dressing mixes, boxed dinners etc.

NITRATAES & NITRITES (is a preservative) Nitrites combine with stomach
juices to form powerful cancer-causing agents called nitrosamines. Used in
cured meats, giving a particular taste and color to bacon, bologna, salami,
frankfurter, ham, pepperoni etc.

NUTRASWEET (aspartame) Shown that children could suffer brain damage from a
high intake of aspartame. Doctors advise women to not use during pregnancy
or when breast feeding. Also, can produce headaches, dizziness, behavioral
changes, mood swings, seizures and urinary tract infections. Found in
gelatin desserts, soft drinks, beverage mixes, hot cocoa mixes, desserts,
yogurt and more.

SULFITES are preservatives and antioxidants that can be very dangerous for
some people. Symptoms may include headaches, facial and head flushing,
abdominal pains and faintness and can occur together and singly, 15-30
minutes after eating. The FDA has confirmed 17 deaths due to sulfites.
Although banned on fresh fruits and vegetables it has been reported to still
be in use, and in some cases, minute amounts can be used on foods without
labeling. It is suggested that the outside leaves of lettuce etc. be
destroyed. You many want to ask if sulfates have been used.

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For Medical Emergencies And Everyday Living


1. Apple Cider Vinegar
Relieves arthritis pain, regulates menstruation, cures and prevents obesity. Promotes
digestion, helps headaches, chronic fatigue, poisoning, fights infections, reduces heart
attacks, prevents high blood pressure, helps with inflammation of the kidneys and bladder,
sore throat and sleep problems, helps with dry skin, can increase hormone levels, ease
insomnia and burn off unwanted pounds!. Also used for cosmetic and cleaning purposes.
2. Cayenne
For colds, decongests the lungs, improves digestion, stops bleeding and prevents scarring,
for poor circulation, heals ulcers, for hair loss, sinus problem, eye problems, cold sores,
hayfever, helps in heart attacks, gangrene, hypothermia, tetanus, lockjaw. Used in liniments
for shingles, arthritis, carpal tunnel, and sore muscles.
3. Charcoal
Used as an antidote for poisons in poisonous snake, spider and insect bites, food poisoning,
poisonings and overdoses of aspirin, Tylenol and other drugs.
It is effective for indigestion, gas,
bad breath, deodorizes and purifies solutions, filters and purifies the blood in transfusions,
treats some forms of dysentery, diarrhea, dyspepsia, foot and mouth disease, filters toxins
from the blood in liver and kidney diseases. It can also whiten teeth.
4. Colloidal Silver
Personal reports show positive results with: asthma, athletes foot and fungus, infections of
the feet, burns and cuts, cankers and other mouth sores, cold sores, diabetic neuropathy,
diaper and other rashes, earaches, e-coli, flu, colds, sore throat, food poisoning, inflammation
of the joints, laryngitis, mastitis, sinus infection, tuberculosis, thrush, tooth decay, urinary tract
infection, yeast infection, water purification, general well-being.
5. Comfrey powder
A poultice made from the comfrey leaf can reduce swelling and bruising around sprains
and arthritic joints. It speeds healing of cuts, burns, boils, insect bites, wounds, ulcers, boils, varicose veins, open sores, and eczema. It excellerates cell renewal in damaged muscles, fractures, torn ligaments, ruptures, and broken bones. Caution: Internal use of roots
and large amounts of leaves should be avoided.
6. Echinacea
It is effective against both bacteria and viruses. Used for colds, infections, stimulates the
immune system. Excellent for a weak immune system, especially where the patient suffers
chronic tiredness and is susceptible to minor infections. Helps in boils, acne, duodenal ulcers,
flu, herpes, persistent infections, and is an antiseptic. Used as a gargle and mouthwash for sore
throats, tonsillitis, mouth ulcers, and gum infections.
7. Garlic
Garlic purifies the blood, helps control acne, reduces blood pressure, cholesterol and clotting.
Test confirm antibiotic activity for candida, cholera, staphyloccus, salmonella, dysentery and
typhus. It has a mild antifungal action. Garlic clears phlegm, which helps in treatment for colds,
flu, smallpox, certain viruses, bronchitis, pumonary tuberculosis and whooping cough. Helps in
earaches, heart problems, stomach irritations, parasites, and impotence. It helps with fever
blisters, genital herpes, athlete's foot, New tests suggest it has a role in treating lead poisoning,
some carcinomas and diabetes.

8. Ginger
Helps in boils, bronchitis (chronic), cholera, colds, colic, congestion, diarrhea, dyspepsia),
flatulence (suppressed gas), flu, gout, headaches, hemorrhage of lungs, menstruation, nausea
(especially for motion sickness), neuralgia, paralysis of the tongue, reproductive problems,
rheumatism, sore throat, toothache.
9. Honey
Honey is a natural antiseptic, makes a good salve for burns and wounds, assimilates rapidly
and easily, not irritating to the digestive tract. Promotes
energy and healing, helps one to
recuperate rapidly from severe exertion, has a natural and gently laxative effect, helps in

hypertension. For sinus problems, hayfever, kills bacteria, has anti- hemorrhage value. An
excellent natural sweetener.
10. Water
Necessary for the smooth operation of a variety of bodily functions, regulates body temperature,
assists in removing waste materials through the colon, helps carry nutrients and oxygen to the
cells, moistens the oxygen in the lungs. It helps the body absorb nutrients, and to covert food
into energy, protects and cushions vital organs, like the liver and kidneys. Water cushions your
joints, which prevents creaking, it helps help lower cholesterol, reduces high blood pressure and
eliminates free radicals. It also helps prevent the development of stomach ulcers, and improves
brain function.

Apple cider vinegar is high in potassium and more effective than any other source,
because it has the minerals and the acid medium in which potassium needs to work.
Potassium prevents high blood pressure, unwanted fluid retention, regulates the body's
water balance, normalizes the heart rhythm and works inside cells to keep sodium in
check. Other foods high in potassium are bananas, potatoes, grapefruit.

Good digestion means health. By taking 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass
of water at each meal, it can be helpful in maintaining the health of your digestive tract,
and in turn the all-around health of you body. It destroys microorganism, including
bacteria, fungi, viruses and others. It prevents poisons from reaching the rest of your
system, especially effective for Food Poisoning. It combats inflammation of the kidneys
and the bladder. Since the vinegar will be helping you burn fat instead of store it, your
daily activities will help you shed inches much more quickly than pounds.

To cope with chronic fatigue, mix 3 teaspoons vinegar to 1 cup of honey and take
2 teaspoons of this mixture before going to bed. If you are not asleep within a 1/2 hour,
take 2 more teaspoonful and another at any time you wake up and unable to fall back
asleep. Another way to overcome fatigue is to use apple cider vinegar in your bath
(1/2 pint to a tub full of water) and soak for 15 minutes. For a refreshing pick-up add
several oz. to a sink full of water and splash this on you shoulders, arms, armpits, on
your chest, stomach, neck and face. Do not dry, but let it soak in.

For migraines, tension or other types of headaches, apple cider vinegar is worth a try
by drinking it, putting it in a vaporizer or taking it in water a.m. and p.m. and at every
meal. If headaches persist, try doubling the amount of vinegar, also try 2 tsp. of honey
at each meal. If you already have a headache take 1 tablespoon of honey at once, and
later, if needed.
An apple cider vinegar gargle brings marked relief to sore throats. Set
2-4 tablespoons of vinegar in open dishes for an air freshener.

Apple cider vinegar, taken on a daily basis, can bring you arthritis relief by helping to
dissolve calcium deposits in joints and whisking them away for excretion. You may
need to take 2 T in 1/1/2 cup water and repeat this 3-5 times a day, along with lemon
and lime juice or apple and grape juice fasts.

It can help you fight off infections, reduces heart attacks by keeping the blood vessels
soft and pliable, mental activity is more effective because more oxygen reaches the brain.

Use a mild apple cider vinegar douche (4 tsp. vinegar to 1 pint water) to support the
health of the vaginal intestinal flora. This discourages candida growth.

A tonic made with 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar, and 1 teaspoon honey to 1 cup hot
water can help with dry skin, to increase hormone levels, to ease insomnia and burn off
unwanted pounds! Nutritionists have used apple cider vinegar to treat Alzheimer's and
senility, age-related diseases often triggered by mineral deficiencies.

Apply the vinegar directly to insect stings for quick relief or to cool sunburns by adding
a few cups of vinegar to your bath. Frequent nosebleeds can be stopped by soaking a
cotton ball in the vinegar and packing it lightly into the nostrils. Gargling with a mouthwash
mix of salt and vinegar can soothe sore throats and toothaches.

Both apple cider vinegar and garlic are powerful antioxidants. They zap the free radicals
that cause aging and contribute to tumor growth.


It can be used in powder form or in a tincture. It is one of the most widely used medicinal
herbs. A list of its uses could fill a small book. To increase circulation to the scalp for
baldness take 3 cayenne caps twice a day with meals. Use often when you have a cold
or any sinus problems, or hay fever because it reduces immune reactivity, dries up mucus,
opens nasal passages and helps the immune system. A teaspoon of the cayenne tincture
added to a cup of warm water makes a great gargle for sore throats and mucus congestion.

Sprinkle a pinch of cayenne powder on a cut to quickly stop the bleeding. Its antibacterial
properties help prevent infections. It can invigorate the blood , remove toxins in the body
and improve circulation. You can make a paste by mixing a teaspoon of cayenne into a
tablespoon of olive oil to rub on cold sores, sore joints or sore muscles.

You can make cayenne oil by soaking 1/2cup of cayenne powder in 1 cup of oil for 10 days.
Strain the oil and bottle it for use. Rub the oil onto sore muscles and joints to increase
circulation and to reduce pain.

It can heal eye problems, but it will burn for a few minutes. If you have a burning sensation
in your stomach after taking a strong dose, don't worry this is normal. You could reduce the
dose next time; however, you do get used to it.

Charcoal has been used effectively in the healing arts for centuries, and is considered
the most valuable single agent currently available for treating poisonings, internally and
externally. Doctors still use it today as a healing agent and antidote for poisons and an
effective treatment for indigestion and gas, deodorizing foul-smelling gas or stools. It is
used in water purification, air purification and for removing undesirable odors and impurities
in food. Activated charcoal is required by law to be part of the standard equipment on
many ambulances, for use in poisonings. Charcoal placed in gas masks during World
War 1 counteracted the effects of chemical warfare. Mushroom poisoning, brown recluse
spider bites, and snake bites can all be treated with activated charcoal. Doctors also use
charcoal to prevent and treat intestinal infections, and as a cleansing and healing agent.
Jaundice of the newborn, bee stings, poison ivy reactions, and many other illness can be
helped with activated charcoal

The best and most effective charcoal is activated charcoal. This activation process
renders it 2-3 times as effective as regular charcoal, the activation being accomplished
by fine grinding and processing by steam. Charcoal from burn toast is considered worth-
less, and charcoal briquettes dangerous due to the added petrochemicals. Activated
charcoal powder is easily taken orally by placing a spoonful in a glass, adding water,
juice etc., stirring it and drinking it. Charcoal is odorless and tasteless, although the
texture is strange. It does come in capsules. Powdered activated charcoal reaches its
maximal rate of adsorption extremely rapidly, within 1 minute after ingestion.

To make a poultice for infections, secretions, bacteria, toxins, insect stings, even snake
bites, as well as to relieve pain, place a charcoal paste between 2 pieces of paper toweling
or porous cloth, making it the size to your need. The paste is made by mixing equal parts
of flaxseed meal or corn starch with the charcoal powder in a bowl. Add hot, to boiling water
to make a moderately thick paste, but thin enough to spread on the toweling. Place over the
area to be treated and cover with a piece of household plastic. Now use a cloth or wool
material to cover and hold the poultice and plastic in place. Secure with a tie, a stretch
bandage or pin. Apple 1-2 hours or if at bed time, leave overnight. Adsorption takes place
almost immediately. Change poultice after each use. Wash and cleanse area with cool
water. Repeat as needed.

Among the many substances known to be adsorbed to the surface of charcoal are poisons
(such as lead acetate, DDT, strychnine), drugs (including aspirin, cocaine, iodine,
phenobarbital, penicillin), and inorganic substances (among them mercury, chlorin, lead).

A study made in 1981 shows that activated charcoal cuts down on the amount of gas
produced by beans and other gas-producing foods. It adsorbs the excess gas as well as
the bacteria that form the gas. It is helpful in relieving nervous diarrhea, traveler's diarrhea,
spastic colon, indigestion and peptic ulcers. For such problems take between 1 teaspoon
and 1 1/2 tablespoons of powdered charcoal up to 3 times a day. Take it between meals,
as food can reduce its effectiveness.

To whiten your teeth, dip wet toothbrush in charcoal and brush. The charcoal can be