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The Amazing Wheat Book
by Moulton

Innovative cooking techniques and creative recipes for preparing wheat and other wholesome foods that rival fast foods for taste and speed, but win in nutrition! Enjoy nutritious popular main dishes, breakfasts and great snacks at 1/4 the cost of commercially prepared foods.

A must if you are storing wheat! Hundreds of fast, delicious easy recipes. Techniques for making bagels, pocket bread and perfect whole wheat breads with all of the popular tastes of the day and in half the time, plus other wheat firsts, i.e., chips (like potato chips), crackers and trail mixes.

You will love LeArta's newest creative recipe, a basic bran batter that does it all! Use it to make muffins, cakes and cookies with recipes for making over 50 flavor variations plus pancakes and waffles. This great tasting batter can keep fresh, in the fridge for over 6 weeks. A great way to get your children to cook… it's so easy, so fast and so good for them. They will also love the good-for-you desserts, candies, treats and snacks.

Find instructions on how to sprout, make wheat grass for optimum health. Techniques and recipes to steam, pop, crack and cook the wheat kernel, plus methods for cooking wheat with very little heat.

"We want to write and tell you how much we enjoy your Amazing Wheat Book and the Quick Wholesome Foods video. We can't imagine life without it!" - Nicki Evans

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Basic Long Term
Food Storage
Plan for 1 year

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The Herb Walk DVD
by Moulton

Join LeArta as she personally takes you on an herb walk in your own living room. You will see, up close and in beautiful color over 137 common, wild edible and medicinal herbs found all over the world, most likely in your own back yard. See the difference between edible herbs and look-a-like deadly poisonous plants. Gain confidence and become self reliant as you learn to identify herbs for alternative medicine. (VHS 75min)


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FREE Reference Manual included. This 100 page manual will give you detailed references on plants and herbs identified in the video, plus a glossary of plant parts. Information on how to plant, harvest and prepare herbs for use

Quick Wholesome Foods Video
by Bingham & Moulton

A complete "HOW-TO" 65 minute video with innovative techniques that will take the guess work out of preparing healthy, basic delicious foods that the whole family will love in only minutes! See step by step easy to follow techniques to make low-fat great tasting meals.

Five 15-minute mini classes on Bread, Gluten, Wheat, Beans and 3-minute cheeses made from Powdered Milk, even old powdered milk. Excellent for home, church or neighborhood groups. We’ve made it easy for you to use your basic stored foods. FREE recipe booklet included
(VHS 75min)

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Country Beans
by Bingham

Soups,Sauces & Gravies in 3 Minutes! 400 heart-healthy, cholesterol-free bean and grain recipes using wholesome storage foods. Learn how to make “user friendly” beans & cheap meals in 30 minutes or less. (Most recipes are gluten-free). Low or no-fat bean soups, dips, creamy sauces and gravies from bean flour, in only minutes. (Paperback)


Natural Meals In Minutes
by Bingham

Storage Meals in 30 minutes or less.

• Whole Grains and Legumes
• Sprouting Instructions and Recipes
• 3-Minute Powdered Milk Cheeses
• Nutritional Information on each recipe

Nearly 300 low-fat, high-fiber recipes that use stored foods to create delicious, nutritious meals.


1-2-3 Smoothies
by Bingham

Make your own “milk” from stored grains. Delicious, nutritious meal-in-a-glass smoothies made with 100% natural ingredients. No sugar or preservatives. Recipes so easy children can blend their own tasty treats.


No-Cook Cookbook
by Benkendorf

Are there times when you don't want to sweat over a hot stove or wash dirty pots and pans - BUT, you still want to feed your family nutritious meals and snacks?

Now you can do just that with this No-Cook Cookbook! Recipes include: Complete Meals, Salads, Salad Dressings, Dips, Snacks, Desserts and more...

All recipes use common, everyday storage foods, free of harmful additives and preservatives, for quick AND healthy dishes. And NO DIRTY POTS & PANS!!


Food Storage Bible
by Benkendorf

Searching for good, HEALTHFUL, storage foods in your grocery store?

Want help from an expert who has made a wall-to-wall inventory of grocery food labeling? The food products listed in The Food Storage Bible are the BEST grocery store products to choose for your food storage program.

Use these products now, AND store them for emergencies.


15 Minute Storage Meals
by Benkendorf

Learn the "Fabulous 30" foods to use and store for optimum health and energy. Then use them to create meals that are... Made from HEALTHFUL, everyday storage foods.

  • FREE of armful additives and preservatives.
  • LOW in harmful fats.
  • High in ENERGY
  • Packed with essential NUTRIENTS
  • Brimming with FIBER

Use common, everyday storage foods to have meals on the table in 15 minutes - or less! These high-octane, whole food meals are time tested. They work. Your family will love them! This book also tells what to store for one month using recipes from this book.


The Sense of Survival
by South

Valuable information on preparing 2-week emergency kits, nutritional requirements, storing, growing and harvesting food.

Also first aid, and herb usage. Learn where to find and store water and the equipment you'll need to provide heat, light, and shelter.


Passport to Survival
12 Steps to Self-sufficient Living
by Bingham

This book will teach you how to prepare for emergencies
BEFORE disaster strikes!

What, Why, Where and How to Store; How to Choose and Prepare the best Foods for Good Health; How to Sprout and Grow your own Food; Emergency Doctorin' for Acute Illnesses; How to Design a Food Storage Program you can USE! ( Paperback 240 Pages)


…and There Shall Be Signs
by Young

A simple listing to assist Christians in identifying past and current events that possibly fulfill ancient prophecy found in the Bible concerning the last days before the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ. Information on what you can do to prepare .

Other books…”As A Thief in the Night” & "When Ye Shall See These Things”


Dr. Christophers "Anti-Plague Syrup"

The best insurance in the world against any flu epidemics, plagues or killing
diseases is to have your body in a good healthy condition. Disease germs
are merely scavengers and can live only on toxins, mucous and residue from
junk foods. They cannot and will not damage healthy cell structure.
This is the key to health—keep your body clean by avoiding mucus forming
foods, and bacteria and viruses will pass you by. They will want nothing to
do with your body because it will be so clean and have no filth for them to live on.
If a plague or some other epidemic hits before you are in a healthy condition,
it is good to have use the Anti-Plague formula as an aid for fast cleaning.

Making your own Anti-Plague formula:
In making this formula, it would be wise to make a gallon or more to have on
hand for any epidemic that may come up within your area. This formula has been used with great success. It is excellent to take occasionally as a precaution as well as when you become infected. Herbs used in this formula also help the kidneys, the skin, and the immune system to work against viruses and bacteria. (Colds, Flu etc.) It is cleansing and nourishing for the body.

Step 1 (for 1 gallon)
1 quart apple cider vinegar
1 ½ lbs garlic
Peel and grate (not too fine) the garlic pears (by hand or in a food chopper). Add this to the vinegar and store it in a dark, cool place for 4 days. After 4 days, put this mixture in a cotton muslin cloth and squeeze out as much of the juice as possible.

Peel and grate garlic (by hand or in food chopper), add it to the apple cider vinegar and store it in a dark, cool place for 4 days. Place this mixture in a cotton muslin cloth and squeeze out as much of the juice as possible.

Step 2
After 4 days, mix 3 cups raw, unfiltered honey and 2 more quarts apple cider vinegar and add to the squeezed garlic and vinegar juice, described in Step 1.

Step 3
While the garlic and vinegar are soaking together, for 4 days, you could start the next step. Make a decoction of the following herbs listed. They must each be done separately! You will need to do ½ cup cut comfrey root and only ¼ cup each of the following cut herbs: Wormwood herb, Lobelia herb or seed, Marshmallow root, White Oak bark or husk, Black Walnut bark or husk, Mullein leaf, Skullcap leaf, Uva-ursi leaf and Hydrangea or Gravel Root

Use only glass corning ware, stainless steel or whole porcelain, not cracked porcelain, aluminum, or Teflon pans. Soak each herb for 2 hours in distilled water, to cover the cut herb completely. After soaking, add enough distilled water to bring the amount of solution, for each herb, to 2 cups. Simmer the herbal solution over very low heat in a covered pan for 30 minutes. Strain the liquid into a clean pan and reduce the amount of liquid to 1 ½ cups by simmering again, over very low heat, uncovered. Set each aside until all are prepared. Add ½ cup U.S.P. grade vegetable glycerine to the 1 ½ cups of each
of the individual herbs. Set each aside until all are prepared. Refrigerate, if not completed on the same day.

Making a Decoction:
Each herb should be prepared separately. Do not use aluminum, Teflon or cracked porcelain. Use glass corning ware, stainless steel or whole porcelain. Soak each herb for 4 hours or more in enough distilled water to cover completely. After soaking, add enough distilled water to bring the amount of solution to 2 cups. Simmer the herbal solution over very low heat in a covered pan for 30 min. Strain the liquid into a clean pan and reduce the amount of liquid to ½ cup by simmering over very low heat uncovered. Set each aside till all are prepared. Refrigerate, if not completed on the same day.

Step 4
Mix the garlic juice and honey mixture with the prepared herbs. Store in
dark bottles and label. Keep in a cool place or the fridge, definitely not
by any heat.

Adults: 1 teaspoon 3 times a day or 1 tablespoon every half hour if infected.
Children: 1 teaspoon a day for a tonic, or 1 teaspoon every hour if infected.

Super Immunity to Fight off Hundreds of Health Problems and Toxic Terrors.

A most effective natural antibiotic, with no side effects!
Does not become resistant to other virus and infection strains, and 100 times more effective than any antibiotic on the market today!

“It may be ironic that one of the simplest and oldest known antimicrobial
agent, silver, will enable us to get off this dangerous medical treadmill
which is turning faster and faster all the time”
Kenneth S. Friedman, Ph.D


Very Effective in:

Athletes Foot and fungus infections of the feet
Burns and cuts
Cankers and other Mouth Sores
Cold sores
Diabetic neuropathy
Diaper and other rashes
Ear aches
Food poisoning
Inflammation of the joints
Sinus infection
Sore throat
Tooth decay
Urinary tract infection
Vaginal yeast infection
Water purification
General well -being


Making Colloidal Silver:
There are a number of colloidal silver solutions on the market. A low-quality product is relatively easy to make. It is most commonly made by a direct current process, similar to electroplating and usually makes a yellow colored product, However, recent test conducted by the Brigham Young University laboratories have shown the new silver products solution to be 2-3 times more effective than other silver products tested. This new silver solution, is made by a different and more complex and expensive process, is a much higher quality product. So just because something is colloidal silver, does NOT guarantee that it has significant biological effectiveness.

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